Noelle Winery & Vineyard

Philosophy- Showcase the “sense of place”


Nature is one, and to me the greatest delight of observation and study is to discover new unities in this all-embracing and eternal harmony. - John Muir

Each of our partner vineyards has a unique beauty and a unique ecosystem – which is grounded in not only in its climate and soil but also the native flora and fauna which reside within the vineyard and its surrounding area.  Grapes have a way of capturing the natural beauty in each vineyard and it is our goal to showcase both a vineyard’s beauty and its “sense of place” in the aromas and textures within every bottle of Noelle Wine. 

Although challenging, old-world style winemaking techniques such as unaided carbonic maceration and native yeast fermentation bring a certain purity to the wine making process and we find, with a careful and respectful winemaker, these techniques are well worth the additional effort as they allow the artist to best highlight the natural beauty of both the grapes and the environment in which they grew.  We believe that a great winemaker does not engineer a wine, but rather works hand-in-hand, in an equal partnership with mother nature throughout the process.  At Noelle Winery and Vineyards, it is our overarching philosphy to work in harmony with nature and not against it.

We also recognize that a winery’s footprint spans many physical scales - from microbes to watersheds - and the production of wine has an impact on the habitat of many species as well as the lives of many individuals.  As such, Noelle Winery and Vineyards takes a very careful and deliberate approach to the development of its partnerships - with an uncompromised commitment to pursue as many sustainable methods and local products as possible, including local made bottles, 100% natural cork, neutral oak barrels, stainless steel reusable barrels, and cooperatively shared production facilities.